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How long is this seminar?

All Process Server seminars are 50 minutes of lecture and 10 minutes of question and answers

What do I need to participate?

We recommend that you use a desktop computer with a HD webcam. You should be sure to order a webcam long before the seminar.

Will I receive a license if I participate?

No. We are not a government agency that issues licenses.

Why do I need to participate in this seminar?

If you are thinking about getting a Process Server license, then you should really know what you are getting yourself into before you sign up for a license. The agencies that issue the licenses, will only tell you about the legal end of your job. We will tell you about the business end of your job.

Can I reschedule if I miss my seminar?

Yes we will allow you to reschedule your seminar only one time.

Will I be able to use my cell phone?

Yes. But we recommend that you use a desktop with speakers, webcam and a keyboard.

Can I participate without a webcam?

Yes. We don't need to see you. Obviously you will want to see us. You will need an app to watch videos, like windows media player.

How do I pay?

You will need to register, select your county from the website, add it to your cart and checkout.

What payment options are there?

We take the usual credit/debit cards, money orders or cash.

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