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Welcome to www.processserverseminar.com and here is some general information ABOUT US.


We are located in Central Florida in Lake County about 25 miles northwest of Orlando.  Lake County is part of the 5th Judicial Court of Florida.  The county courthouse is located in Tavares, in a newly built courthouse. 


We are a sole proprietorship (d.b.a. as Lake Servers) that has been offering our service of process services since 2007 here in Lake County.  There are not many process server companies that have been operating here as long as we have been operating.  The largest part of our client base is from outside of Lake County.  Some local process server companies get most, if not all, of their business from a single attorney law firm with a single type of specialization.  We however, work with law firms from all over Florida and the USA.  With the diversity of our clients comes a diversity of legal proceedings.  This diversity has exposed us to virtually every possible type of court case and every possible type of court document.  This exposure keeps us current with the knowledge that we need to possess to execute pleadings in a professional manner that will fulfill our client's demands.  We frequently take calls from young attorneys who are looking only for information.  And we are glad to know that they call us knowing that they will get the answers that they need.  We do not charge for sharing our knowledge with attorneys and paralegals.


It may not seem like a required skill set for serving legal documents, but technical aptitude is an indispensable Process Server skill that not only helps us do a job that others cannot, but this skill also allows us to do it faster and therefore cheaper.  As the owner of this company, I bring a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering to the table and 20 years of internet knowledge that includes but it not limited to programming skills in databases, php, html, css, graphic designs, bootstrap, apache, linux, and running our own servers.  We don't pay others to design our websites, and we don't pay others to host our websites.   EVERYTHING is done in house and is constantly upgraded.  Our sites are dynamic not static....like many typical websites.  We believe in redundant system implementations as it applies to company websites. Of course, building websites doesn't have much to do with process serving, but it does bring us business, which is also a big part of this job.   And experience with database manipulation is an extremely important part of finding people who are hiding from a Process Server.


We started www.processserverseminar.com with a single purpose, to provide the finest Online Consultations and Zoom Conferences for Process Server Indoctrinations for anyone willing to learn about becoming a licensed and certified Process Server.

Since 2007 we have been taking calls from people who were seeking information about becoming a Process Server.  We always took the time, often 30 minutes, to explain everything that we could in the limited amount of time that we had.  One might think that we would want to discourage any additional competition.   But that is not the case with us.  There is always more room for talented people in this profession.  Too often, the wrong people become process servers because they have unrealistic ideas of what this job entails based on stories they have heard or movies that they have seen.  Our vision is to keep the herd healthy and productive.   So, back in 2018 we began entertaining the idea of expanding our process serving business to include providing short seminars to potential new applicants so that they can make the right decision to opt in or opt out of this profession.  Originally we thought that the proper venue would be a conference room in a professional building that rents out rooms on an hourly basis.   But before we had time to get everything organized, Covid 19 came along. And that ended the idea of face to face seminars.  So now we have shifted to online seminars.  This will keep the cost of the seminars down.  We hope that someday we will be able to return to a face to face seminar in a room full of people.


We think that these seminars can benefit not only Floridians but also others across the country.  So, this sight will evolve, over time, into a national resource for everyone who wants to become a Process Server. 


We promise that you will have all of your questions answered in the course of the 1 hour seminars.   After you complete the seminar, you will know exactly where and how to proceed should you decide to become a Process Server.  If you are not happy with our seminar and the information that you received, we will issue a refund for the cost for your seminar with proof of completing a court administered Process Server exam and subsequent failure of the exam.

Final Thoughts...

If you are like us, then you don't want to travel down a career road without a map. And we can help you get that map that you need. If you are tired of working for someone else we can help you with that too.

At www.processserverseminar.com we are driven to:

  • Help young Process Servers get started
  • Provide superior customer service through coaching and suggesting
  • Be there when you need us.


We really enjoy helping others.  Please contact us if you need any help with the site at all!

Thank you!


And the team at www.processserverseminar.com


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